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Malcolm Delaney, a deserving MVP after a 63-minute, hard working weekend

Malcolm Delaney scored 30 points in two games, averaging 15.0 points per game over the Final Four, deserving to be the MVP trophy winner. That was Olimpia’s fourth win in the Super Cup: Kruno Simon, Jordan Theodore and Vlado Micov were named competition’s MVP before him. Delaney was the most used player during the Bologna weekend, he stayed on the court for 63 minutes over two nights. His effort was decisive in the semifinals, against Venice, 19 points, 10 fouls drawn, six assists and four steals. In the championship game, because a knee problem that he suffered in the final seconds of the second quarter, he struggled a bit in the second half, he missed three free throws unusually, but never gave up defensively, helping to make the life of the Bologna guards miserable: Teodosic, Markovic and Adams scored 11 points combined, and shot 3 of 17 from the field. Olimpia’s defense is a team defense, everybody is switching and the work of the bigs is needed, but Delaney certainly did a great job of his own. In the Super Cup tournament, he appeared in seven out of eight games, scored 82 points with a high of 25, he was 27-for-34 from the line, had 14 steals, 12 turnovers and 22 assists. Finally, Olimpia was +71 with him on the court.

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