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A little bit of news in 2015

Hello fans!

It’s been a moment since the last time I’ve checked in with you. It’s been a crazy season with a lot of focus because every game is important at this time of the year! I wanted to fill you in a bit on the things that are going on with me and Lokomotiv.

10012014_news_pictureThis year the Holidays have been great. I got to go home to Baltimore and spend time with my friends and family. This was the first time in four years that I got to go back home. I definitely enjoyed it! Moments like these make you more energized and ready for what’s to come. Our team has won 12 straight games in Eurocup. Nothing’s sure but I think that if we continue to play how we’ve been playing lately there is a strong chance in getting the Eurocup tite for the second time.

If I was going to pick the toughest upcoming opponent it would be a hard thing to do. There are some new teams that dropped from Euroleague and some VTB teams that I am more familiar with. Everyone at this point will be a hard opponent. You have to count Gran Canaria in the mix also, their team is undefeated in Eurocup. I don’t really care what stage we’re playing at, we need to win every possible game. Especially right now the point spread plays a big factor in advancing so you need the ultimate focus.

So far this season my teams has been performing very good. I have a great relationship with my coach. Even though it’s my 4th coach in four years the adjustment wasn’t difficult at all. I am confident in our team and success that we can achieve. I have been hearing some questions about the life off the court and how things are, you can see them summed in below in 3 quick questions.

How do you like living in Russia during this season? What are the similarities and differences between countries like Russia and Germany?

Russia is cool, we travel a lot so when we are home it’s mostly just rest and relaxing. It’s similar to Ukraine but the two spots I’ve played in Western Europe have nothing in common. It’s like night and day.

On social network you often talk about cars. Which ones do you like most, what is your dream car and which one are you currently driving?

My dream car is probably a Bentley GT or Aston Martin… Currently I have a Porsche Panamera and in Russia the club provides us with cars.

Food is also a crucial part of your social media presence. If you could point out 2-3 of your favorite pre and after game meals, what would they be?

Well in Russia I can’t eat my favorite meals but for now most pre-game meals are pasta and chicken. We eat that every game. Any other time I’ve never got into a routine of favorite pregame I like to eat different stuff but before games it’s more healthy and after I like to eat whatever taste the best and fills me up.

That would be all for now. Keep supporting Lokomotiv!

Posted by Malcolm Delaney

American professional basketball player for Lokomotiv Kuban who played college basketball for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team

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