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Before the Russian semis

Before the semi-finals against Khimky Moscow Region, Malcolm had a moment to sit down and answer a few questions for the fans.

Your team dominated Unics Kazan. Sweeping them in just 3 games. What were the crucial points in each one of those wins, individual performance, team play?

I think last round we got off in game one with s good advantage and that gave us a lot of confidence going into the next two games. Everybody came to play and we were finally healthy and when we are healthy and playing well, we are tough to beat.

In game 3 on the road you’ve erupted for 25 points ( 5-8 for 3pt ). Did you feel like it was your night, and you wanted to finish off the opponent as soon as possible? What stood out to you the most during that game?

I definitely wanted to be more aggressive and get the series over as soon as possible. You can’t give teams confidence when you have them on the ropes and I just wanted to try my best to help my team win. Luckily I made some shots and got a rhythm.

Your next opponent (Khimky) also went on to sweeping their first round opponent (Avtodor). What do you think about the games ahead. What will your team have to focus mostly on in order to win?

They are a good team and I think our toughest opponent so far this season. They have a good system and good players who fit into the system very well. We have to control their guards to try to eliminate their great shooting and we just have to play well. They beat us two times this year and the second time I feel we made big mistakes late in the game to take ourselves out. It will be fun.

You will have a head to head matchup versus last year’s Euroleague Final Four and this year’s Eurocup MVP – Tyrese Rice. What do you think about this matchup and what goals do you set in front of yourself to come out victorious in this battle?

Rese is a good friend and we’ve had plenty of good battles going back to college and he is having another big year so I just have to stay discipline and follow whatever our game plan is as well as be aggressive in offense and this also should be fun competition.

You list Milos Teodosic as one of the toughest players in Europe. Once Lokomotiv gets to the final do you feel that you have all of the assets needed to beat Teodosic and CSKA Moscow?

We have proven we can beat them by sweeping them in the regular season, one game without me. They are a great team but I think we match up well with them and we can beat anybody if we are playing well. Also we can lose to anybody when we don’t.

You’ve recently mentioned a long lay over between games in Russian League. How do you approach these periods of time with no games, how do you stay focused, what do you do during the time?

Depending on the time I can take a break and get some days off to rest and then once practice starts back up I’m back into preparation mode. You have to find a balance for your body to stay fresh in the playoffs.


You’ve been voicing your opinion about the Baltimore riots via social media. Can you tell the fans what do you think about the problems that America and Baltimore are facing right now?

I can’t speak much for America, I can only speak on where I was born and raised. There are many problems and the most recent is police brutality. To keep it short I just feel that every human being should be treated equally in regards to the law. The world isn’t fair but in certain situations when you give some people more authority they abuse it and when citizens get tired of this negative authority they rebel and something happens like what just occurred in Baltimore.

The final days of your stay in Europe are approaching quickly. Do you already have plans for the summer. Will you attend camps with children, work on your game or more of a chill out type of summer?

I will be in Phoenix, Arizona this summer just to have a fresh/relaxing summer in a new city. I like to enjoy my time off because these seasons are too long and I don’t start working hard until the second half of my summer. So my plan is vacations and time with my friends and family and the basketball stuff is secondary.

Posted by Malcolm Delaney

American professional basketball player for Lokomotiv Kuban who played college basketball for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team

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