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Entering the All-Star Break

This season is definitely one of ups and downs but also a learning process. What do you think works for your team and what has to be mostly worked on until the end of the season?
We are young and in a tough situation but the goal for us especially myself is just to continue to get better and prepare for whatever comes next.

Since the last Q&A you got more playing time and your stats elevated. Do you feel that things are going forward for you as planned. Do you feel better about your game than in the beginning of the season?
Never know how things may go but one thing I’ve always done was stay ready and when my number is called try to do whatever I can to play the right way and help win. Hopefully it stays like this but I’m prepared for whatever.

What are you planning to do during the All-Star weekend? Taking time off or going to see the events?
Just going to spend some time with my family and take a few days off to enjoy the break. Get ready for the last home stretch of the season because I will have a long summer this season.

Were you rooting for anyone during the Super Bowl? Did you have a favourite to win it?
No, my team is the Baltimore Ravens so I didn’t care who won.

During a recent road trip to LA you posted a picture with Jack McClinton (link) of Active Dreamers. Do you guys share business ideas and have similar goals. Anything that you would like to do as a next step away from the basketball court?
No jack is like a big brother to me, he went to school with my brother and I kind of followed his footsteps as a acc guard from Baltimore that made it out. He chose a different path and it’s working for him and I’m still living my dream with ball. But he’s just somebody I looked up to.

There has been an article (link) about you donating coats to schools. Can you say a bit about your own school experience. What life lessons did it give you? As mentioned in the article you had to go through the same problems as kids in those schools go through right now.
The biggest thing was helping out kids from my city in need. I grew up around and in those environments so I witnessed it firsthand. Just wanted to do something to help those kids and it’s been greatly appreciated.

How is your dog doing… Are you one of the people who feel dogs are better than people?
I wouldn’t say that but my dog is good, she’s growing and very energetic. She loves playing around and is very active now.

Which shoes that you’ve played in were your favourites so far this season?
My favorite shoes this year haven’t been worn yet, I’ll let you guys tune in over the next few weeks to see what I bring out.

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