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The day I have turned 25

jerseysOn March 11th I’ve turned 25. It’s a big age in a man’s life when you can look back at everything you have acomplished and anticipated from life. I knew I wanted to be a professional athlete for as long as I can remember. Being in the NBA was a dream growing up. With years that passed and I got older I knew there were other ways to live the same lifestyle while doing what I love, it became more realistic to reach my dream.

This years birthday celebration was cool. I rented a sports bar, had a DJ play some music and my teammates were invited. We ate dinner together while listening to music and chilled out. It was also great that my brother and cousin were able to make the trip down to Munich. I really enjoyed it, I like to chill and be around friends and family, so it worked out perfect for me. As I mentioned My brother Vincent and cousin Keenan are here for a week. They have been to a practice, we went to the Soccer game vs Arsenal London last night, and they went to the game vs Real Madrid today! I also want to show them some of my favorite restaurants in the city as well as do a little sight seeing.

The season is closing in to the final chapter. It’s been a few months abroad. Of course I miss my family and want to be home sometimes, but I never get to homesick and get to the point where it bothers me too much. I’m used to being away, and I know the reason that i’m here. That’s what gets me through those tough days. I definitely can’t wait to get home though.

alianz_arenaEuroleague is in the final stages of the Top 16 phase. We are doing well for a first year team and exceeding some expectation but I think we still have some room to improve. I think we can make the final 8, and I would definitely be disappointed if we didn’t because I know we are good enough and im a competitor. Also the regular season in Bundesliga is coming closer to the finish. We have some tough competitors in the league and we just anticipate every team to play their best game against us, and they will do whatever to win. We have to stay focused and match that intensity or we will lose. As one of the last things that can get better, defense will be the key to how far we go this season. I think we hold our destiny in our own hands and we can control what happens. If we stay on track we will have a special ending to the season.

Currently also there is a lot of tension going on in Eastern Europe. I am pretty much connected with the region due to the time I’ve spent with BC Budivelnyk Kiev. I had a good time in Kiev, my teammates were cool, we won games, and at the end we won a championship. They city was nice, I love to shop and eat and I had a lot of options for both. Besides the bad winter I liked Kiev.

As for words of encouragement to the Ukrainian people :

I can’t understand what you are going through but I would just like to wish you to stay strong and believe that the outcome will be positive in whatever happens.  

I am also proud of being a part of Bayern Munchen. Today we’ve done another great mark in German basketball and our club history. We’ve beaten one of the best teams in all of Europe, Real Madrid. It was an incredible game ended with the score of 85-83 on our home court. Huge thanks to the fans and everyone who believes in Bayern!

Posted by Malcolm Delaney

American professional basketball player for Lokomotiv Kuban who played college basketball for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team

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