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Before last 13 games in CBA

What were you able to do during the All-Star break?
During the break, I just took two days to chill and relax in Hong Kong. Good opportunity to get some great food and stay in an American hotel. Gave me a vibe of being home.

Again during this winter season you’ve donated coats to Baltimore kids (link). How do you feel about doing work like that for the community. Do you have any other plans to do work like that after you finish your basketball work?
I feel like it’s my job to give back to the people of my city. There weren’t many people doing it when I was growing up so I just try my best to use my blessings and platform to give back. I get joy in making others smile and comfort. After basketball I’m sure I’ll continue to give back. I mainly use basketball as a platform and stepping stone for business and life after basketball. So giving back will never stop.

I get joy in making others smile and comfort.

Your team is at the top of CBA right now. Who do you see as your biggest competition for the league title?
Right now it’s Lioaning because they are the defending champs and the championship will have to go through them. Regular season only means so much and we still have 13 games left so anything can happen.

Your team is currently 30-3 on the season. How do you feel all you guys changed to the better between first game of the season and now?
I think we play a lot harder, we had a stretch where we top the wind for granted and dropped a few games we shouldn’t have but that’s a part of sports. We fixed the issues and have been rolling. Now we just have to continue improving going into the playoffs.

How do you see your team going further. Do you feel there are still things you can adjust as a unit?
As long as we are healthy I don’t see anything less than a championship.

After over 30 games in China what would you say is the best thing about the league/country and the worst?
Best thing about the league is probably how competitive it is. Most people think it’s easy but when you have multiple defenders playing you physically every second of the game it can take a tole on you you. That can also be the worst part, sometimes it’s more wrestling than basketball but it’s all competitive spirit and the culture.

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