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2017-2018 Season Round-Up

I’d like to thank the supportive fans in ATL. Just in case I never put a uniform back on I enjoyed my 2 years there and can’t thank the organization and city enough for the support through a tough time in my life. I had fun and made new family...

Entering the All-Star Break

This season is definitely one of ups and downs but also a learning process. What do you think works for your team and what has to be mostly worked on until the end of the season? We are young and in a tough situation but the goal for us especially myself...

Struggles of a season

During the recent stretch of games you were DNP – Coach’s Decision. If you could give a bit of insight to the fans on what goes into a process of getting back on the court. What would you point out that caused your recent DNPs? Honestly I...

Quick Q&A to start the season

Right before the three-game road trip (Detroit, Washington, New Orleans) Malcolm took a minute to answer a few quick questions about the start to the Atlanta Hawks season. Your team started the season cold with winning just 2-of-11 first games and with...

Ups and Downs of an NBA season

Your team has recently been in a slump (7 game losing streak) but you’ve managed to win 2 of the last games. Do you think the team is over the hump? Hopefully we are over the hump, we play 4 playoff bound teams to finish the season so it will really...
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