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MD23 Scoreboard

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Lokomotiv Kuban at Khimky Moscow
30th of May, 2015 in Moscow Region, Russia
  • 12 Points
  • 2 Rebounds
  • 8 Assists
  • 1 Steals
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Before the Russian semis

Before the semi-finals against Khimky Moscow Region, Malcolm had a moment to sit down and answer a few questions for the fans. Your team dominated Unics Kazan. Sweeping them in just 3 games. What were the crucial points in each one of those wins, individual...

A little bit of news in 2015

Hello fans! It’s been a moment since the last time I’ve checked in with you. It’s been a crazy season with a lot of focus because every game is important at this time of the year! I wanted to fill you in a bit on the things that are...
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