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MD23 Scoreboard

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Atlanta Hawks at Dallas Mavericks
18th of October, 2017 in American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX
  • 5 Points
  • 1 Rebounds
  • 0 Assists
  • 0 Steals
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Ups and Downs of an NBA season

Your team has recently been in a slump (7 game losing streak) but you’ve managed to win 2 of the last games. Do you think the team is over the hump? Hopefully we are over the hump, we play 4 playoff bound teams to finish the season so it will really...

Mid-Season Q&A

During the last few weeks, Atlanta Hawks won 11 of their last 15 games. These wins included a 7 game winning-streak. Malcolm has been adjusting to the NBA game well and he’s proven to be an important player from the bench for the Atlanta Hawks....

NBA Preseason Round-Up

You have chosen number 5 instead of your usual numbers 0 and 23. What is the story behind it? Initially because I couldn’t wear 23 or 0 I went back to the only other number I wore as a pro. As it thought more into it the number 5 seemed to be a...
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