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Time for the 2021 off-season

You’ve reached the Lega Basket Final, Euroleague Final Four. Do you feel that next year both of those trophies can be yours? What do you need to do differently?
Yes, they were both very reachable, and with a few minor changes I think it is a strong possibility. The major one is me being healthy.

It has been mentioned that Olimpia Milano played the most games out of all Euroleague / NBA teams combined. Do you feel it was too much this season?
Yes, I always felt that Europe seasons were too long but to start sooner and still finish mid June was very tough. Mentally and physically.

Given the pandemic, number of games etc. Would you consider this as the hardest season in Europe?
This was by far the hardest sports season in my life. The length and limitations for 90% of the year were very hard to deal with.

Considering all of your seasons overseas, where do you rank this year in Milan?
I think personally it was my worst but as a team we accomplished 3/4 of our goals and have something to build on going into next year.

You mentioned that next season will be your last. What would you like to focus on and what would you like to do differently?
I’m not doing anything differently. I just want to use this summer to get healthy and to be prepared to have a threat year and physically be able to help my team. And I said last season in Europe meaning I’m not going to play 10 months anymore. Also not 100% but that’s just where I am with my career.

You thanked the fans of the team in your final Instagram post. Even with empty stands most of the season, how crucial were they to your team’s success?
They were very important. After every game win or lose the fans we’re very supportive and even though we couldn’t be with them all year they made their presence felt.

What are your plans for the summer?
Spend time with my family, enjoy life and get healthy. Step away from basketball for a little and work on myself before I get back into everything.

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