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Malcolm becomes the MVP and Supercoppa Champion

On Sunday, September 20th after defeating Segafredo Virtus Bologna 75-68; Olimpia Milano claimed the Italian Supercoppa for the 4th time. During a short break between the Italian League and Euroleague regular season, Malcolm answered a few questions regarding the competition.

You were selected the MVP of Supercoppa. What was the key for success in your personal and team performance?
For myself I set a goal to go into the weekend staying out of foul trouble and being aggressive offensively. Making the game a lot easier for my teammates with my aggressiveness. Also to be a good leader and set the tone defensively as well.

Olimpia Milano won all of the preseason and Supercoppa games. Do you feel that the squad that has been built can go all the way to Italian and Euroleague Championships?
It’s still early but our team is built for championships. First we have to handle business in the Italian league and Euroleague will follow if we keep improving. Both are my goals.

Judging from the first games, what would you consider the most lethal weapon of your team?
Our team is very deep. We have 10 players that were starters last year. Also we have a good balance of established veteran winners and talented young guys who’ve also won and been productive in previous situations.

The final was a great defensive effort from your team and a stoppage of Milos Teodosic. Do you personally value good defense over good offence or do you feel both need to be in place to be really successful?
I think the defense will set us apart. We can score with anybody and we have enough weapons offensively. If we continue to get better on defense we will be really special.

For your first game in Euroleague you are heading back to Munich. How do you feel about a comeback to one of your first European teams?
Munich is a special place for me, there’s a lot of love on both ends there and just ready to get Euroleague started. I’m looking at every opposing team the same going into this season.

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