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2017-2018 Season Round-Up

I’d like to thank the supportive fans in ATL. Just in case I never put a uniform back on I enjoyed my 2 years there and can’t thank the organization and city enough for the support through a tough time in my life. I had fun and made new family with the hawks and regardless of where I am next year that won’t change.

With the Regular Season over what can you say overall about this season?
It was my toughest season I’ve ever been a part of and it was a major learning process but I enjoyed it with he promising young guys and just glad I had a good group of guys on the team. We made the best out of a tough situation.

Which teams are you looking closely to during the Playoffs. Who would you predict as the NBA Champion this season?
Honestly I could care less who wins or who’s playing. At this point I’m looking at best fit for my style just in case I end up on one.

How are you feeling with your injury. What’s the status and what are the next steps?
I feel great about the surgery. I cleaned up an 8 yr injury and I’m excited to see how I can train and play at 100% percent instead of 90.

What are you summer plans? What do you plan on working on mostly?
I just want to be healthy and just keep working on being myself. I’ve been through this so much at this point it’s just making sure I’m Sharp when it matters. Definitely keep shooting and my goal is to be at 40+ % 3 pt shooter in the NBA.

What opportunity will you be looking mostly for with the upcoming free agency?
Just a team/organization that really wants me there and wants me to be myself and help win. I have a lot to offer and hopefully I get that opportunity soon. Hopefully it’s in TL but it’s a business and I’m ready for whatever situation presents itself.

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