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Struggles of a season

During the recent stretch of games you were DNP – Coach’s Decision. If you could give a bit of insight to the fans on what goes into a process of getting back on the court.

What would you point out that caused your recent DNPs?
Honestly I don’t know but I just continue to stay professional, support my teammates and do whatever is asked of me to help the team in any way.

How do you maintain focus without playing in the game?
It’s tough because I’ve never had this in my career. I knew when coming from Europe in the role I had to coming back home with much lesser of a role that this was possible. So I don’t take it to heart I just work, continue to do my job and be ready for my opportunity.

Does a situation like this motivate you to work harder or frustrate you?
Does a little bit of both, but I think going through it at 28 after understanding the business is a lot easier than if I was 22 fresh of of college. It would be much different.

Do you feel that fans many times misunderstand coaches plan and try to give players their advise?
Yea fans don’t know what’s going on 90% of the time. They only see whatever it is that they look for but if they knew half of the business they would have a different perspective. But we have great fans in ATL that want to see us do well.

If you don’t play in the game does it change your practice regime? If yes, then what changes?
I definitely do more than I usually would in the rotation because you have to stay in shape and stay ready. You don’t have much time to practice in the NBA especially on the road so it can cause you to be lazy if you don’t have self motivation.

Your team is currently 6-20 on the season what do you feel could shift things around and help you win more games?
I think our record doesn’t speak for how we play or opportunities we missed. We’ve had over 10 games we loss that we should have won but we are young and that’s a part of the growing process. That’s when you miss somebody like Tim [Hardaway] or Paul [Millsap]. They won a lot of games for us last year.

How are you spending the Holidays this year. Will you manage to see your family?
I’ll get to go to Baltimore. We have two days off so being around my family would be great. Definitely lift my spirit and I haven’t spent a Christmas with my family in about 7 years so it should be dope.

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