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Euroleague Top 16 here I come!

Just at the beginning of the year Malcolm had a moment in his busy game schedule to answer a few questions. We were able to talk about the current Euroleague status and more.

Thanks to his exciting play in the last two games of Euroleague, Malcolm has been named the Round MVP for two consecutive games

  • 12/30/2015 vs. Cedevita Zagreb – 31 points / 2 rebounds / 8 assists – Highlights
  • 01/08/2016 vs. Anadolu Efes Stambul – 25 points / 5 rebounds / 5 assists – Highlights

You have just spent another Christmas and New Year’s abroad. How did it turn out this year? Did you had a chance to spend it with teammates / friends?

This year wasn’t as exciting as previous years being around my family but for New Years I had the chance to share it with my teammates and we made fun out of what we had.

Do you enjoy playing games during the Christmas break? Your team is on a 6-game winning streak with three crucial wins in Euroleague where you’ve played particularly well. Are these games any different from the ones during the year?

I actually hate playing because it takes away the break but it’s my job so I try my best to enjoy every game and win as many as possible.

This season is full of MVPs for you. Just in December you were selected Euroleague Top 16 Round 1 and 2 MVP and VTB MVP of the week. What is the formula for getting so many MVP trophies on regular basis?

The main thing for me is working hard every day and having this translate into the game. Also having a coach that believes in me and teammates who help me out. Also winning is the most important and that’s not just me, it’s the coaches and teammates.

You have upcoming 12 games in this Euroleague round of games. So far your team has a great record of 9 wins and 2 losses. Who do you think will be the toughest opponent?

Every opponent in Top 16 will be tough and I think this year every team can lose.

Looking at how Lokomotiv matured through the last 2 seasons do you feel that this is the year that you will win the Euroleague crown? What is different about this team and your squad / effort last year?

It’s a big step to talk about winning Euroleague. I think we need to focus on getting into the playoffs and depending on matchup so and how well we are playing will determine how far we go.

We know that a realistic step up for your game would be joining the NBA next season. Let’s go back a bit in history. Growing up which team was your favorite and which player did you want to model your game around the most?

Growing up my favorite players were Jordan and Iverson but I never really modeled my game after anybody. I stole bits and pieces from everybody and just inserted it to my style of play.

Aside from your own contributions. Which American player do you feel brings the most to the team that allows you to be better than other teams out there?

Dontaye Draper is a game changer because he makes tough shots and is our best on ball defender and he can change the game on either end.

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