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Olimpia Milano Wins the Frecciarossa Italian Cup

You and your team just won another big tournament. How did it feel to compete in Coppa Italia?

Honestly it felt good good to win another cup but it didn’t feel like it normally would because there were no fans, and after the city is closed, so there was nothing to do but go home lol. But it just felt like we did what we were supposed to, got over that second hump and moving on to the next goal.

How much different was it to compete for the cup? You played at your home court but without the fans. Do you feel there is still an advantage of playing at home without the fans?

There wasn’t much of an advantage, sleeping in our own beds and being able to control pregame routines a little more. Other than that it wasn’t much. I don’t think it would’ve mattered where we played, the results would’ve been the same.

Do you think at this stage of the season that your team has ‘gelled’ together and that you guys know each other perfectly? Are there any aspects of team play you would like to work on?

I think we turned the switch on to another level last weekend and it surprised me how locked in everybody was for 3 games. The only thing we have to work on is being healthy. Other than that I think we are fine.

Despite losing one game on the road in the Euroleague your team has been hot. How do you feel about the play and what your team can accomplish in Euroleague.

This is what we expected and we are just on track for our next goal which is euroleague playoffs. If healthy we are capable to compete and win against anybody.

In your recent Instagram post you said “Best Decision I ever Made”. Do you feel that your current team is special/exceptional?

Yes, this was the best decision for me, I wish I came across this situation earlier in my career. Coach and this club are high level and it’s not just basketball it’s everything around it as well. I didn’t think twice it or regret the decision I made last summer. It was an easy one.

You show a lot about your plans after your basketball journey. Are you excited for the ventures and business you are creating and investing in? What do you focus on mostly?

Yes, this stuff is just as important for me. Basketball doesn’t last forever and I want to maintain the life forever that basketball has introduced me to. Right now real estate, franchising, some other investments and just giving back to my community are the priority. I have some exciting things in the works.

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