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Quick Q&A to start the season

Right before the three-game road trip (Detroit, Washington, New Orleans) Malcolm took a minute to answer a few quick questions about the start to the Atlanta Hawks season.

Your team started the season cold with winning just 2-of-11 first games and with a 8 game losing streak. What factors were crucial so far and what do you think the Hawks have to work on mostly?
We are young and still don’t know how to win games but we’ve been competing at a high level and put ourselves in position to win every game with the exception of one or two. I truly believe we will win some of those games and also turn the season around.

You’ve mentioned on social media that you went down in weight this off-season. What was the biggest purpose of this, gaining speed, getting more muscle and strength or something else?
I just honestly wanted to get back to myself in every aspect so I dropped weight to get back to my overseas playing weight and since then I’ve felt much better in every possible way. I had a great offseason.

Early in the season can you already notice the benefits of the work in the off-season in your personal performance?
In regards to how I feel I definitely can feel the difference. I’ve worked on a lot in the offseason and preseason and I think it’s showing. Didn’t shoot the ball well early but I feel I’m getting to every spot I want and when playing freed up and having fun it’s very noticeable.

If you could compare start of your ‘rookie’ season and this season. What did you approach differently?
The different is still role adjustment. I’ve been asked to do different things so just trying my best to adapt to what coach asks of me. Sometimes difficult but I’m learning how to embrace it all.

Your next 3 games are all on the road. What will you have to focus most on to win all of the games?
We have three games that are winnable if we play how we are capable and this is a big month for us. It could easily put us back in the mix of things with some wins.

What kicks are you planning on wearing in the upcoming games?
I’ve been wearing a lot of Paul George and Kobes. I’ll probably be wearing the Paul George’s this weekends

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