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Saying goodbye to Guangdong

What led to the decision of leaving Guangdong?
All I’ve heard is the team wants to get stronger for the playoffs. Not really sure after being in first place for 40 games but it’s the business.

Are you planning on playing with any other team this season?
For sure. I’m a free agent and we are currently exploring NBA and European markets. Whatever is the best situation is what I’ll do but NBA is of course my priority, but I’m also not in a hurry to just sign. It has to make sense for me.

Are you or your agents currently in talks with any particular teams?
No, there’s nothing set yet this is very new and we were just informed the day before reporting back for break.

Do you have specific plans for your next destination? China? Europe?
This summer will be like any other summer. NBA will be priority and then I’ll evaluate the offers in China and Europe. I don’t have a preference. I’ve experienced China and see how the league and business is so now I have all of the experience to weigh my options.

If there was an opportunity of helping an NBA team in a playoff run, would you consider it?
That’s the goal.

What will you remember best from your time in China?
Honestly just making new family with my teammates and getting the fun back for me. My goal this season was to get healthier, get my swagger back and have fun playing again. And I accomplished that. Getting compensated for that was a bonus and the championship would have stamped it which we would have won but some things are out of your control. My goals were accomplished and I’M BACK

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