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Updates from the Outbreak

What are you currently doing and where are you?
I’m currently bored as hell, just in the house trying to figure out tv shows to watch, and trying my best not to shop. Lol

Do you know if you will be allowed to leave for the US anytime soon?
As of now our club hasn’t released us to leave, so we are just sitting around waiting for updates and new developments.

During this outbreak you have been pretty active on social media. What are you currently doing, how are you spending this isolation time?
I’m always active on social media but there’s literally nothing else to do, also trying to follow what’s going on in USA and with basketball updates in Europe.

Do you feel that all of the leagues should cancel the remainder of the season? What scenario do you feel is the best for European competition and domestic leagues?
My opinion is yes because there are too many variables to control. There’s no situation to ensure the safety of the players and even their families because everybody plays a part in this. The only way I’d feel comfortable is if all players and staff were tested as the NBA is doing. Otherwise we can never be sure who has it and who doesn’t. But I personally don’t see this happening any time soon with the numbers continuing to grow.

How is Barcelona doing with this outbreak. There are many videos of people singing on their balconies etc. Did you experience that as well where you are staying?
Barcelona seems fine from what I’m noticing physically. But I’m not sure on the number of cases because it changes every day. The people are clapping and lighting fireworks every night to show appreciation for the people working through this tough time helping with the virus. I think it’s really dope.

Hopefully something happens soon and I can be home where im comfortable with access to my family.

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